My Story

     As a young girl growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, I spent a lot of time at my Grandmother and Great Grandmothers homes. I learned the value of taking my time, loving family, enjoying simple things, cooking, and believing that something great is in store for us all. I grew up in a Christian home with a learned respect and admiration for country music. I always thought it was special because of its bare bones production in the older country and bluegrass arrangements that really let a meaningful story be told.
     I always wrote funny little songs and sang to everyone but never thought I was a singer or song writer. As a child, I fell in love with artists such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Carl Orff, and Mozart. A couple years later, I cut a demo and my first gig came a few months later when I opened up for Vince Gill. At 17, I won the Colgate Country Showdown performed on The Grand Ole Opry and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I met great people there and learned about the struggles and virtues of well-grounded artists.
     While in Nashville, I decided to record a dance song with a local DJ, which led to my first international release in the European dance market with the electronic dance duo 16 Bit Lolitas. This prompted my move to the Netherlands. I spent a long string of years in Amsterdam, with 16 Bit, working on my writing skills and recording at their studio. We collaborated together on titles across many genres and for television shows. Our team was born. I lived on a boat and spent my days writing and wondering at the world from a strange new perspective. After some time a record label caught wind of what I was doing and came to listen at our studio home. In 2011, I became a signed artist, released my fully original album "Silverlining", and had success with a top ten single named "Dear Diary".
     In 2015, I collaborated with 16 Bit once again with chart toppers "Stardust" and "More Than Music".  I recently moved back to the United States to expand my music to the American market. I am currently working with P. Kriek (16 Bit) on a new pop album which is set for release. 
      I am a very grateful person. Every gift or talent comes with a responsibility to others. I hope that what I do for and share with my audiences serve a purpose.
      After all if you’re not giving-you’re not living.

                                                                   Lucy Iris

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