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“Lucy Iris is that rare type of entertainer that is able to captivate an audience and keep them along for the ride the entire show. I have not only written about her and booked her for shows, but I follow her career with an enthusiastic interest. She has never disappointed a crowd and sings with such conviction and depth that audiences can't help but fall in love with her performance."
Mike Nunez - Florida Today/Gannett News Services”



"Lucy Iris will be forever part of one of my fondest memories. My boyfriend and I love listening to her amazingly unique voice at some of our favorite local spots around town. When he got us invited to one of her private events, I couldn't have been more excited. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the private event was arranged for me! My fiancé had set the whole thing up and proposed to me that night. Lucy being there and sharing that with us made it the most amazing night of my life. Words cannot express our gratitude. We can't wait to have her play at our wedding! Thank you Lucy!" -Joe & Becky - Orlando, FL
"We were blown away by Lucy Iris! The most beautiful, smooth, soulful voice I had ever heard live! We had a six hour drive home and she was all that we talked about on that ride back to Georgia. I looked her up online to see if she was available for my daughters wedding - Oh how we were blessed! The phone would not stop ringing with people asking me who that was singing. We love Lucy, we love her voice, and we can't wait for the next big occasion to get her back up to Georgia! Thank you! Thank you!" -Debby - Bainbridge, GA